Upgrade of our 3G router to 4G router solution


Due to our need if internet access we have basically used a 3G based router with WIFI access point meaning that we could use one SIM card to connect to Internet and then our PC, phones or Pads are connecting to the WIFI access point.

Earlier this year we changed our 5 year old 3G router solution with external antenna to a new 4G router and new antennas still using the same technique access the Internet through the SIM card and use the router WIFI access point to connect our different devices to.

After spending some time searching for suppliers that have knowledge both on 4G router and antennas we found LOH Electronics in Sweden, http://www.lohelectronics.se . The page is in Swedish but e-mail Ludwig Loh on order@lohelectronics.zendesk.com and he will help and guide you in English. They have a substantial knowledge base in both router solutions and antennas. What we had totally forgotten was that the first 3G solution 5 years ago was bought from the same company.

They recommended an Italian 4G router, Teltonika, that has an industrial focus more than consumer market but with that, a focus on stability and functionality. As for antenna solution on a boat they recommended a solution taking full advantage of the 4G LTE protocol meaning having two antennas (non-directional) working on different frequencies and almost the most important thing was the quality of the cables connecting the router with the antennas.

We got the equipment, less than a week delivery time from one country to another, and the installation took less than a day including replacing the old antenna with two new and replacing the old cable with two new ones. What a difference! 4G/LTE is a big step in performance and stability. The Teltonika router is very easy to manage and includes two SIM card holders if you go frequently between two countries.

Compared with our old solution the new one is a BIG step forward on all topics and is working with all the frequencies connected to the 4G mobile Internet. We usually have full speed connection more than 10 Nm outside the coast line, sometimes up to 15 Nm.

Price is around €360 for the router and then you have to make your choice on the antennas based on your own needs.

We made the following choice:

– Teltonika RUT 950 4G/LTE router

– Poynting non-directional antenna 4G/3G/GSM 6.3 dBi

When you buy something and you get over value compared to what you paid for that is a good buy!


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  1. Sabrina says:

    Does it mean that the internet you are using has to be 4g? I think some countries and areas are still 3g. Or does that matter with this system. Good info. Thanks

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